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1st step: Inspiration meeting

The first step is: give us a call!! Then we’ll plan a non-committal inspiration meeting, in real life or virtually, where we will guide you through our process and really delve into what your podcast dream looks like. We will propose a solution that will make your dream a reality.

2nd step: Choose product

You can choose different ways to work with us – depending on your needs:

Full podcast production

We write the script based on what story you want to tell. We record, edit, adjust and make the final product.

Sound editing

You record the podcast yourself and we make you sound amazing. What we do is like proofreading or weeding: we remove reverb, add sound and music and edit the sound file to make your podcast episode as smooth as possible.

3rd step: Podcast marketing and launch management

So, you’ve made a podcast – how are people going to listen to it?

Podcast marketing is specialised, so we help you to get found in iTunes and advise how to use your existing digital marketing platforms to promote your podcast.

We know the hiccups and what you should be aware of to make most people subscribe to your podcast.



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